Delhi Institute of Paramedical Science constituted unit of fsfc which is established under the Indian Trust Act 1882 by Govt of NCTE vide Reg. No. that Working under its constitution & Bye Laws to assure & promote the quality in the Para Medical Courses. The council conduct the examinations, and issue Diploma certificates & registration to pass out candidates. The Council affiliates the institution & issues guidelines itself to regulate the DIPS 

Delhi Institute of Paramedical Science (DIPS) constituted unit of FSFC which are established under Indian Trust Act 1882 by Govt of NCTE vide Reg.No that Working under it's own constitution & Bye Laws to assure & promote the quality in the Para Medical Courses.

Delhi Institute of Paramedical Science (DIPS)

Delhi Institute of Paramedical Science (DIPS) is dedicated to advancing skill development by fostering the establishment of high-quality, not-for-profit vocational institutions. Our mission at DIPS is to address the critical need for skilled professionals in the healthcare sector and promote talent development in the Skill-Based Sector. We are committed to building sector capacity, ensuring a trained and skilled workforce across various industry segments and organizational levels. In the realm of healthcare, the significance of paramedical courses in interdisciplinary medical subjects cannot be overstated. The demand for well-trained paramedical personnel has surged, and DIPS aims to meet this demand by imparting quality education to eligible and enthusiastic students. Since our inception in 2014, we have been dedicated to providing top-notch education to paramedical personnel, contributing to their professional growth. At DIPS, we recognize the crucial role of paramedics as healthcare professionals who respond to emergency calls outside of hospitals, primarily within the emergency medical services (EMS). Our curriculum aligns with international standards, allowing paramedics to make autonomous decisions in emergency patient care. It is our moral obligation at DIPS to cultivate a spirit of encouragement and excitement that contributes to the field of education and technical expertise. Our goal is to extend the benefits of education and technical training to individuals in remote and hilly areas, providing them with the skills for livelihood and connecting them with the mainstream of the country's development. As a self-financed Private Autonomous Institution, DIPS offers a range of skilled paramedical and allied sciences courses, providing comprehensive training, certification, and registration to enhance candidates' employability.

Aim of DIPS

Delhi Institute of Paramedical Science (DIPS) stands as a beacon for numerous paramedics who hold diplomas from various councils, diligently serving our nation. In regions like Punjab, UT Chandigarh, Haryana, and many other states in India, the absence of a dedicated State paramedical council has left paramedical diploma holders in a challenging position, seeking registration. Recognizing this gap, DIPS, as a private institution, has stepped forward to establish a council with the primary aim of enhancing opportunities and standards for paramedics across diverse fields. In the absence of State paramedical councils, many qualified paramedics find themselves navigating through uncertainties, often struggling to secure registration. DIPS, as a private sector council, has been formed with a vision to streamline this process and contribute to the betterment of paramedics. Our mission is to empower successful candidates, following their training, to become eligible for appointments as Technicians or Assistants in Dental, General Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and PHCs. DIPS is dedicated to providing great employment opportunities for paramedics and ensuring the availability of a substantial number of qualified and trained professionals. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the overall improvement of the healthcare system, promoting the welfare of individuals and communities. Join DIPS and be part of a transformative journey towards a robust and inclusive healthcare network.

Objectives of DIPS

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